Welcome to Mercantile Credit Inc.

Mercantile Credit Inc. has been established to provide Letters of Credit to its business partners who are primarily in the commerce of international trade. Additionally MCI assists their partners in trust receipt financing and factoring. In so doing, the entire LC process from the securitization of credit through to completion of the LC transaction is handled expertly and seamlessly by the MCI team. Increasing purchasing power and improving cash flow continue to be hallmarks of a solid business plan. MCI assists in the implementation of both strategies.

At MCI we leverage our unique relationships between banks, both foreign and domestic, to ensure competitive pricing and worry-free import/export. Our proven blend of financial acumen and strategic planning ensures timely, efficient and profitable solutions to all our customer's needs.Our goal at Mercantile Credit is to establish a one-stop financial solution to the export/import international trade satisfied customer at a time!